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Çukurova Isı Sistemleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (Çukurova Heating Systems Industry and Trade Ltd.) was formed out of Çukurova Construction Industry and Trade Inc. in the first quarter of 1991 to serve in the field of radiant heating systems, which are mainly used to heat large buildings that are difficult to heat, by being the sole representative of American Roberts-Gordon Inc who was the leader in low intensity tubular radiant heaters.

In the course of several years, Çukurova Isı Sistemleri, has enhanced her line of products with open flame (hi-intensity), electrical quartz heaters, mobile heaters, patio heaters, air generators and pipe flashing systems as well as stand-by systems for natural gas and process burners. Çukurova Isı Sistemleri, who gives total solutions to her clients in these fields, presently represents Roberts-Gordon Inc., Algas-SDI International LLC, Flynn Burners Corp., Aztec Inc. and Gas Fired Products Inc. (Space Ray) from the USA, Roberts-Gordon Europe Ltd. from UK, Bromic from Australia, Eclipse Combustion bv from Holland, Robur SpA from Italy, and Shizuoka Seiki from Japan.

Çukurova Isı Sistemleri targets to be the leader in the areas she is working and therefore seeks the best for her customers in her whole services assuming the needs and the problems of the clients are her needs and problems. To be able to realize this goal and keep the customer satisfaction at top, Çukurova Isı Sistemleri is working with 31 personnel whose 9 of engineers at her headquarters as well as with some agents at different locations within and outside of the Country.

While we thank you for visiting our web-site, we would like to kindly ask you to spare some of your time to take a look at the following pages which would give you some idea of our products and services. In case you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.


Çukurova Isı Anonim Şirketi.
(Çukurova Heating Systems Joint-Stock Company)

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